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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zoom Zoom Zoom

So a few weeks ago some irresponsible a-hole backed into Toby's motorcycle in the middle of the night and just left it lying there in the street. No note, no attempt to right it back up. As a result, Toby found his bike the next morning completely totaled. Parts of the tank, side mirror and gauge and tail were busted from the impact, but what's worse is oil spilled out over a bunch of the internal engine bits. It's possible that if the person had just tried to put the bike back up there wouldn't be nearly so much internal damage. But because the oil had time to seep out, everything got all messed up inside.

Toby had to get it towed to a repair shop and was dealing with the insurance company for over a week, sitting on pins and needles trying to figure out what could be done. The shop came back with an estimate of over $2000 worth of damage, and Toby was praying the insurance would cover it. But alas, at that point the bike was declared totaled and even if he bought back the bike and fixed it all up, it would still have a salvage title on it, vastly reducing its resale value.

So the insurance company came back and said they'd pay pretty much the equivalent of what Toby paid for the bike initially. Although bummed he lost his "Suzi", he was able to use that money to go and buy a new little beastie. Check this one out:

Hee hee! Idn't it sexy? :) Sure is sexy watching T on that bike anyhow. And this one turns out to be a bit better than the old one. It's a little more comfortable for me to ride on and there's room in the back for luggage so we can take it up to go camping or for extended trips. We've been taking it on trips around town--sure is a good way to beat the heat these days! And Toby's happy with it, so all in all it looks like a happy end to a sad little story.