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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I'm generally pretty good at forgetting what my New Year's Resolutions were by, say, February. So maybe by putting them down someplace I check every so often, I might actually be reminded enough to keep them. :)

This year, I resolve to:
1. Maintain my current weight. In other words, stay healthy and exercise, which--ahem--the Christmas holidays have cruelly and evilly put me off of. I blame the holidays entirely. But as soon as I get over this friggin' cold and replace the shoes the dog ate, I'm back to the yoga studio and my daily walks.

2. Finish my dissertation. Or get very close to finishing. I want to have an end in sight by this time next year.

3. Get published. Something, anything. An article...or even a novel! Just gotta get my name out there.

4. Be more frugal. I must confess, I am a clothes whore. I have apparently no self-control when I find something I like, that fits, and I could theoretically have the money for. Which basically means, I'm not in any kind of debt, but I'm not so good at saving either. Thus I vow to avoid the shops as much as possible.

5. Wear underwear every day. Not that I don't already (tho Toby might complain about this one if presented with the option that I might not wear underwear every day). I was just looking back at the previous resolutions and they all seemed like a lot of work. So I thought I'd include one that was easy so come December 2009 I can look back and say "Hey, well at least I kept 1 resolution!"