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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nesting Pains Soothed

For those following the Nesting Pains saga, today we find its culmination. In the final fit of turning Shoebox Apartment into Home, I painted our kitchen cabinets and living room walls (landlord be damned). And the result is deeply satisfying.

I sought to try out a new aesthetic: something along the lines of vintage Victorian; classy, with a little funk.

These were my tools.
This was the coffee I cracked myself out on.
This is what the kitchen used to look like.
This is what it looks like now.
Instead of the drab old gray, I introduced a sunny, minty green. With cute little accents like these.
And these.
Then I took our boring, white living room walls and painted them a lovely, dove gray, which complements so nicely the new kitchen green.
And looks so elegant with the white trim, and blends so well with our new bathroom decor.
I especially love little details like this pink orchid against the gray wall.
And the gorgeous new pillow covers I found on Etsy (from seller Clee27).
I'm still waiting for my new table runner to arrive in the mail, but once it does, my renovations will be complete.

A little paint will go a long way towards soothing one's soul.


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment!

  2. gorgeous! the grey... with the green... the pink orchids. As Beth said, great eye.

  3. Thanks so much! At first I was a little afraid the gray would turn out dark and depressing and that maybe dark colors look great in pictures, but are suffocating in reality. But once it was up, I immediately fell in love. This gray is actually quite warm and inviting, and it bends and molds itself in different light. It reacts so well with just a few key accents. I wouldn't do all the walls in it - that would be a bit much. But I definitely love using complementary colors together.

  4. So pretty! I especially love our thank you note on the fridge! hee hee

  5. Heh. Well your invitations and cards were so beautiful! Plus they matched so well with our decor, they've become sort-of permanent decor. :)

  6. Your kitchen looks fabulous! I love the soft, minty green!!

  7. awesome! i'm so happy you like the pillow covers! btw great decorating!


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